A must read: Kill the Boer: Government complicity in South Africa’s brutal farm murders

By Ilze Nieuwoudt

The long-awaited book about the brutal reality of farm attacks in South Africa by AfriForum deputy CEO Ernst Roets is said to rewrite what we think about this awful crime. The official launch of Kill the Boer: Government complicity in South Africa’s brutal farm murders took place in Pretoria on 30 June.

Even before the launch the book has received some anticipated criticism from especially the EFF, stating that AfriForum is “mad” and “sick”. According to The Citizen the book has even been labelled as “racial populism”.

The outrage followed after several pages leaked from Roets’ book which refers to a conversation between Roets and an alleged ANC member. In the conversation the member said that the ANC was aware of the farm attacks. The informant furthermore also alleges that he received orders from ANC’s top leadership to commit a farm murder.

Roets slammed back on Twitter saying: “It’s disappointing to see how people are trying to discredit a book they haven’t read merely based on the fact that it’s about farm murders, a crisis with disastrous consequences, not only for those who are murdered, but for the country as a whole.”

Kill the Boer will be launched nationally at various locations.
Visit www.killtheboerbook.com for more information about a launch in your area.

The book is available for sale through the publisher at www.kraaluitgewers.co.za and at leading book stores.


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